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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 25, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> there's no a day goes by that i don't think about my son. >> a "dateline" exclusive. katherine jackson opens up for the first time since michael's death what. she really thinks about the way he died and what she's changing about the way his children are raised. and west point, a royal visit right now from prince harry. it's got us talking about both of the princes and their futures. hello, everyone, i'm chris jansing. hurricane hunters are heading into a disturbance in the tropics. it's a tropical depression as we speak, but if it turns into a hurricane, what does that mean for the oil that's been spewing into the gulf? >> that is right, chris, that is the number one question in terms of what is this system right
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now? will it develop into a tropical depression? certainly. will it develop into a tropical storm? as you mentioned the reconnaissance aircraft are out there right now investigating this area of low pressure, they're asking two questions, they want to know if there's a low level circulation, and secondly how strong are the winds? because if they're strong enough, this could be tropical storm alex. there you see the flare-up just south of jamaica and this is actually why the flight was flown into the area because we started to see that this system was becoming a little bit more organized. so, again, the reconnaissance aircraft is out there right now trying to find out if this is indeed an organized area of low pressure and exactly how strong are the winds, from that point, where is it going? will it continue to move off to the west very slowly? if it does, of course it will take a tour of the yucatan peninsula, which is a territory
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of mexico there sticking out. and as it moves across this area of land, it very well could be broken apart all over again, however, if it's not being torn apart, it could move back into the southern gulf of mexico and there will be lies a bigger concern, so definitely we're following it right now, right now we're not calling it a depression, but it very well could become one later today. >> vivian, thank you. and all of that leads us to the question of what happens to the gulf cleanup if the storm blows in. nbc's charles hadlock is in venice, louisiana and charles, what are the coast guard and bp saying about their plans if that storm does in fact hit? >> reporter: well, they're definitely concerned about it. and what they're worried about is the storm coming into the gulf of mexico with tropical force winds, winds greater than 42 miles an hour, thad allen, the coast guard commander said today if they get gail force winds, 46 miles an hour, they will have to shut down this operation. and he wants five days notice.
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for instance, if they knew this storm was coming in directly over the deepwater horizon drill site, five days from now, they would have to shut down the operation right now in order to get all those vessels, 45 of them around that drill site trying to contain the oil and also drilling trying to stop the flow of oil, they would have to get those vessels out and all 1,500 people who are currently working on that project. so it's a big decision coming up over the weekend, which way is this disturbance heading and how strong will it be? back to you, chris. >> and will this be a joint decision between bp and the coast guard, do we know? >> it sounds like it's going to be a coast guard decision. the incident commander on the ground here or on the scene there who will make the call determined by the national hurricane center which way this system is heading. >> all right, charles, thank you so much. folks in storm ravaged
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bridgeport, connecticut could have guessed this, yes in fact there was a tornado that touched down yesterday. amateur video coming to us from the connecticut post shows the voracity of the driving wind and rain. the twister packed 100-mile-per-hour winds and it collapsed 9 buildings. city hospitals treated more than 30 people for storm related injuries but nearly all of those injuries were minor. the tornado touched down a block north of interstate 95 and it left a path of damage 100 yards wide and a quarter-mile long. that very same storm blew through the phillies indians baseball game. see what ground crews had to face, they were really battling to put down this tarp. when the clouds parted however, the phillies twaet the indians pretty bad, 12-3.
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it took an all fighter on capitol hill but lawmakers reached a final deal on wall street reform. at 6:00 eastern this morning, a compromise was reached on derivatives, that's those complicated trading devices that brought the economy to the brink. it's touted as the most significant changes in the system since the great depression. president obama says consumers will be better for it. >> we have all seen what happens when there is inadequate oversight and insufficient transparency on wall street. the reforms making their way through congress will hold wall street accountable. so we can prevent another financial crisis like the one we're still recovering from, we'll put in place the toughest consumer protections in our history while creating an independent eighth agency to enforce them. >> congress is expected to vote on the measure next week with president obama set to sign it into law before july 4.
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several thousand people have gathered in toronto to protest the g-20 meeting that begins today. kevin tibbles is live in toronto at allen gardens park and i understand, kevin, things are starting to heat up there? >> reporter: just over my shoulder, chris, as you can see, several thousand demonstrators gathered here earlier and they have just taken off essentially marching through the streets of toronto. the good news for the organizers of the g-8 and the g-20 essentially is that these marchers are not going to be marching down towards the fenced in area where all the world leaders are going to be housed. also over my shoulder, as you can probably see, is a very large police presence that has gathered here. of course most of these officers, most of these officers are here on bikes, but what they have been doing here at allen gardens is as the protesters enter the park, they have been stopping a number of people, they have been going through people's bags to make sure there are no weapons or anything of
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the sort inside the bags, at this point in time it's been a sort of loud and raucous demonstration, but a very peaceful organization. that's what the organizers said that the demonstration was going to be carried on rather peacefully. >> so maybe, you know, this point that i was about to make doesn't hold, but i'm thinking that today is a workday for most people, obviously we're coming up on the weekend, how concerned are police that the numbers of people coming in to take part in these protests are going to swell quite significantly? >> well, they are very concerned about tomorrow because tomorrow really is the big demonstration day on saturday. it is being held over at the parliament buildings near queens park, that is the designated area, when it comes right down to it, how is anyone going to be able to tell anyone in a free
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democracy where they're going to be able to march and where they aren't. the interesting thing is the mass amount of fencing that's gone up in and around where the leaders will be meeting later on or during the weekend at the convention center. you can't even get down there. so the real question for law enforcement and police is that if they can't get down there, are they going to try? and if they try, what are they going to do along the way? they have got police on bikes, police on horse back, water canyons and they have got sonar weapons that actually sends out such a sleeking noise that actually stops you from doing what you're doing if they point it at you, and the courts gave them permission to use that today. so if things get out of hand, the police chief says he has 5,000 officers on the streets that he can call on at any moment in time. organizers say they want to have a peaceful demonstration, the police say they're going to be
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prepared for anything. >> we're admiring the summertime outfits of the police behind you with those short shorts on. that's not what we're used to seeing in the states, no? >> it is welcome to my hometown, it's a very peaceful, loving place, it's very placiplacid, i tell you one thing, they may be wearing shorts but they mean business. >> if we do a wide shot, will we see your knees, kevin? i'm just kidding. >> no. >> thanks, kevin. >> okay. next on msnbc. >> i particularly always wonder what she would be doing if she was with us now, whether she would be sitting having a laugh, whether she would be sitting in the background sticking her tongue out. >> harry is now here, the big apple is on royal watch. a heartless crime caught on camera. an elderly woman robbed, but
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this courtroom felt some remorse. we'll show you what he did next. then a baby with a bong. and his mother posted the picture online. what was she thinking? the song created in honor of the sound of the world cup. all that plus breaking news next on msnbc. good job, keep going !
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call him an englishman in new york. prince harry is at west point this hour after joining cadets in live fire drills at west point and observing field exercising. there's sting with the original englishman in new york. later this evening, the
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prince will deliver a speech during a reception aboard the "intrepid." >> i just wanted that little bit of him singing. >> it doesn't come for a while. the prince just came in from africa where he and his brother william were uncharacteristically open talking about their mom. there was some really poignant moments in the interview with british tv. >> we do wlaer we are and whoever we're with, i particularly always wonder what she would think, what she would be doing if she were with us now. what keeps us going is that force of what would she be doing if she was learn today. >> there's a lot to do, we just started. >> claire is arts and culture editor for the website the dailybeast. when i heard that for the first time, it sort of made me choke up a little bit. were you surpriseded to hear it. >> you know, i think any time you hear someone, a public figure talking so intimately
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about a family member who's passed, it is poignant and touching, but i wasn't surprised because her legacy is to major and i think with all -- they have made it clear they're going to make charity their goal throughout their lives so of course they're going to talk about diana. >> it's easy to be skeptical, this is our job essentially. but they do seem in their actions to be really committed to a number of pretty important projects, and especially some of the ones that their mom supported. >> i think so. >> so what do you think about the whole sort of coming out a little more. they really haven't talked that much. they gave an interview a couple of years ago to matt lauer, but they're sort of emerging as young men, weren't they? >> they are, they really are. and i think they have made it clear that this is sort of their coming out, they're both in their 20s, they both have numerous charity projects and, you know, i think harry just did
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land mines which is obviously following in his mother's footsteps and i think we'll see more and more of them as they grow into themselves. >> let's see if you folks at the daily beast have any inside information because the question everybody wants to know is there going to be another royal wedding, are we go to all be holding our breaths to see who designs the dress? >> we are, all of us are holding our breaths. if i knew, i probably couldn't tell. >> you could tell me, but you would have to kill me, right? >> yes, but i think, harry is eligible from what i understand. >> he just broke up with his girlfriend. >> so they say. >> and he's gotten really cute, don't you think? >> i think he's always been pretty cute. >> fine young men they are and an adorable little sister. what is your little sister's name? >> bebe.
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>> bebe and harry. >> i kind of like that. >> that sounds good to me. >> she's using our air to get a date for her sister. how old is she? >> she's old enough. >> old enough, okay. >> we'll see what we can do, we'll let you know if the phone rings. thank you. >> thank you. time now to go across the usa and we begin in new york city. a security camera caught a cold crook and i mean cold in action. police are looking for this man, he's seen grabbing an 85-year-old woman's purse. during the struggle, the woman fell to the ground, he started to run, but then, he actually turned around to help her back up. he still took her purse, though, so, i don't know. a florida woman is under investigation after this picture of her 11-month-old baby surfaced. it looks like he's smoking a bong, right? she wrote on facebook, quote, i know what i did was stupid, but
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i would never put my baby in harm, i would never, ever let him get high. really? thanks for that explain nation. the family has been cooperating with authorities. and in another case of adults doing stupid things. a canadian woman settled a neighborhood noise dispute by flashing her breasts to a 5-year-old boy. she's 56 years old and she said the kid had been driving her crazy driving a loud alter rain vehicle past her house so she decided to go topless so the boy's grandparents would take the boy inside. she said she had to bare all because police had ignored the complaints about the noise. do not try this at home. mortgage giant fannie mae threatening homeowners, walk away from your mortgage and we'll take you to court. we'll tell you how porn websites are getting a makeover.
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as if losing your job isn't bad enough, how about getting sued by the mortgage giant fannie mae. fannie now says it will sue people who walk away from unpaid mortgages when they have the capacity to pay but default anyway. chad rule is co-founder of the company called you walk away, for just under $1,000 the company guides homeowners through the process of abandoning their mortgage. thanks to both of you for being with us, chad, let me ask you first, there's a lot of people who think there's a real moral obligation to really try to pay your mortgage. is it okay to just walk away? >> i want to first point out that we tell homeowners to look at all their other options whether it's a short sale or a
3:23 pm
loan modification in trying to work with the bank. but in terms of the ethical side of it, i see this as a -- the market crashed ands if they need to walk away to save their finances, i believe that's the best decision. >> and donna, are they going to save their finances? if you walk away from a mortgage, what are the implications? >> there are a lot of people in this situation, there are one in four homeowners who are under water on their mortgage today. you can debate the moral part of it, but there are serious financial consequences to it too. the lender can go after you for the balance of the mortgage that you owe, depending on what state you're in, and more seriously, they can go -- it can be real big damage to your credit history. if you walk away from your home, that will damage your credit and there will be a black mark on your credit rating for at least seven years and that could have serious consequences. >> chad, what do you tell
3:24 pm
people? because the last thing you want to do is make it hard for yourself for a very long time not just to get another mortgage, if you find yourself in financial circumstances to buy a house, but get almost any other kind of loan. >> sure, i mean we advise people that very thing, it's going to hurt their credit, it depends on what they're looking at financing in terms of how long it would be. but that's one negative repercussion, but they're looking at it as a business decision where they might be under water by 100,00$100,000, $200,000 and they're dumping money into this bad investment and it's for them a better decision to save that money, not have that under water debt and move on with their life, even if it does hurt their credit. >> let me ask you, there is, donna, this phrase that they're using, if you have the capacity to pay. do you know what that means? for example, if i lose my job, but i still have money in the bank, does that mean i have the capacity to pay? could i make the argument i'm going to need that money to live
3:25 pm
on and i don't know how long it's going to take me to pay, you know, to find a job again, i mean what does capacity to pay mean? >> this is not a legal term, and it's certainly very difficult to prove, i think fannie mae and freddie mac will have a hard time doing that. that said, when you go through a loan modification, one of the things that -- exercises you go through is looking at whether you can afford your mortgage, have you gone through a hardship, have you lost your job, has a family member lost their job, have you had a medical expense. so there are ways that you can tell, but it's related to strategic defaulting and as chad was talking about, when people walk away from their mortgages, if they can still afford it, i may not make financial sense for them and that's called a strategic default. that's what fannie mae is trying to avoid, people who can afford their mortgage but it's not necessarily the best strategy
3:26 pm
teakic thing to do. >> i think it's an empty threat, you can't really determine, you know, without actually filing a lawsuit and going through the process if they're able to pay or not. they can't really determine who the strategic defalters are and i think they're a bit hypocritical because they're not willing to work with the homeowners and we have seen time and time again, it's just a never ending process trying to modify the loan, and they're not willing to reduce the principal which is what needs to be done. i will deter some homeowners but not many. move, there's a new internet rage rising, it's porn sites can now get their own special suffix, so instead of dotcom or dot net or dot org or dot gov, it will be dot xxx.
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from the time i started reading this story until now, $60,000 has been spent on internature porn. that's $3,000 a second. the bp oil spill was the focus of today's battle of late night laughs, two hosts, one topic. you decide who did best. we start with our friend upstairs, jimmy fallon. >> the coast guard found a drunk man on a pool float yesterday after he drifted a mile out on the gulf of mexico. authorities call the man irresponsible, while bp called him our best hope. >> i like that. and how about stephen colbert. >> just yesterday, this happened. >> big setback in the gulf of mexico where an underwater robot bumped into the well causing hundreds of thousands of gallons more oil to gush out. >> luckily, another robot fixed the mistake. but at this point, their most
3:28 pm
promising robot based solution is sending a terminator back in time to kill tony hayward. and -- >> now normally, we give it to jimmy fallon, he's funny, right, and he is upstairs. but, you know, if you're going to put msnbc on your show, stephen kolber, you got to give it to him, this is the first time jimmy fallon has lost and let it be a lesson to you, frankly. leno had us on. >> yes. >> earlier in the week. now stephen colbert. jim any fallon works upstair and we got nothing. so i'm just saying. we'll be right back. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 in fact, they'd spend all of their time dreaming up ways tdd# 1-800-345-2550 to give us more for our money. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i guess i'd just like to see a little more give tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and a little less take, you know?
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i'm julia boorstin. here's a look at how stocks are trading right now.
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we have stocks pretty much flat. nasdaq up 8 1/2 points. oil spill victims receiving payments from bp may have to pay up soon. the irs is looking for its cut. the agency says payments received for lost wages are taxable under current law. however payments received for property damage or physical injuries do tend to be tax free. and and ber cabercrombie & fitch is bringing it's crazy catalog back. the catalog returns to stores on july 17 and buyers must be 18 years or older. that's it from krshscnbc, first business worldwide. sarah palin sent out a tweet late last night that encourages her supporters to read a column. that in setting up the $20
3:33 pm
billion compensation fund for victims of the oil spill, barack obama went far beyond his constitutional powers by confiscated private property, the money, without due process of law. he compares it to the law that supposedly gave relief to the german people but instead actually gave hitler dictate torl power. this is about the rule of law versus an unconstitutional power grab. palin touched on a controversy with that tweet and she may be facing protests tonight when she speaks at a black tie fund-raiser. no state for scholarship money went to pay her speaking fees which the university refused to divulge. but critics say that palin and her high fees are the wrong choice when the school is struggling financially. two students are protesting
3:34 pm
palin's appearance tonight. what's wrong with sarah palin coming and exercising her right to free speech? >> the problem is that our foundation and our administration have not been forthcoming on the expenditures for the debate. they have decided that they're going to keep it private, not open it up to students or the campus community. >> is this really about a group of students and i'm just asking you to be honest who don't like sarah palin? >> obviously we'll have student who is grow with sarah palin and who disagree with her message. but when it comes down to students of usc stanislaus, what most of us are concerned about is that we're concerned about where this money is actually going to go to. this money was never intended
3:35 pm
for scholarships now that there's such a media frenzy around it, now this money is supposedly going to go to scholarships, but if their books are closed, we have no way of knowing that. >> we know it's to a nonprofit university foundation, but no skate or scholarship money they say went to pay for this. no state money. >> right, that's what they're saying, however as a donor, when you give money to a school, you're giving it to help programs, help the students and currently under state law there is not any oversight on auxiliaries which is what the foundation is on how they spend their money, so there's not a way to know really what's coming in and where it's going once it's there. >> ashley, let me ask you, what's the buzz about this on campus, are you expecting to get a good crowd tonight? >> yeah, actually there's two -- there's a different organization who's actually organizing this
3:36 pm
protest or hosting the event. we're meeting at gettysburg park later on today and then we'll be heading off to the campus. which is the campus is fenced off so we'll be trying to get as close to our campus as we can get and then the festivities will take place there. >> two student who is are among those who will be exercising their free speech tonight, ashley brigs and alicia lewis. thanks for being with us. michael jackson fans from all over the world are remembering the late singer today one year after his death. many are coming together along with members of the jackson family at the los angeles cemetery where the musician is at rest. and today we're hear from his mother, katharine, in her only television interview, on a special date line exclusive tonight, she talks about her son's death and who she thinks is responsible. here's a preview. >> reporter: one year ago tonight, fans across the globe were in mourning for a star who
3:37 pm
had risen so high and then falling so far. michael jackson was gone at the age of only 50. dead from a drug overdose. through it all, one woman at the center of michael jackson's life has kept her grief largely to herself. katherine jackson, the mother who raised nine kids and who is now parent to michael's three children. is breaking her silence in a candid and at times surprising interview done just last week. nbc news purchased the rights to the interview from the production company that made it. >> i wanted to shed some light on who michael really was. >> reporter: she talks about the last painful year. >> there's not a day go by they don't think about my son. >> reporter: about how she's not raising the daughter and two sons he left behind. >> i never did like the fact that he put scarves over their
3:38 pm
faces. i had met her before michael died. >> reporter: in this interview, katherine jackson also reveals how she believes her superstarson predicted his own death. >> he has told me several times that she felt that people wanted him gone. wanted him dead. >> reporter: and she also has her own opinion of who's to blame for her son's passing. >> i want justice done. >> let's bring in "dateline" nbc's josh mankiewicz. and josh, obviously who the police are looking at is dr. conrad murray. what does she have to say about him? >> well, it's interesting, you know, katherine jackson in that interview which was done just last week, she never mentions dr. murray's name, but she says, this clearly could have been
3:39 pm
prevented, there was a doctor there to take care of him and the doctor she says was je negligent, dr. murray should be added has pleaded not guilty. mrs. jackson never asked about the drug that killed him, about his sleeping problems or about the allegations of child molestation which that she brought up on her own and said she knew that he was innocent and that he had talked to her about that a number of times. but she raised the issue of dr. murray and of what should happen to him. she said that she wants the courts to proceed and the criminal justice system to proceed. she says that no matter -- mrs. jackson says that no matter what happens, she's not sure that any legal resolution of that case is going to bring her any peace. >> i just saw, josh, some agency punished of michael jackson's children on the beach in hawaii so that's apparently where they are on the anniversary of their father's death. but what did she tell you about them in terms of their likes, their interests and of course one thing a lot of people want
3:40 pm
to know is could any of his children follow in his footsteps, do any of them have musical or dancing talent? >> well, of course it's way too soon to tell what those kids are going to do. mrs. jackson has given those kids in some ways a calmer life than they had before, they are no longer traveling the globe as they did with michael jackson, they're living in one place, they're being homeschooled in that house that michael jackson grew up in in the los angeles suburbs. mrs. jackson says it's clear that all three of them do have some musical talent. she clearly predicts maybe not showbiz careers, but certainly clear artres artistic talent fo
3:41 pm
three of these kids. >> and she said they're going to be going to regular school? >> at the moment, the kids are all being homeschooled, there's been no decision as to ♪
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crude has been flowing into pensacola sound. shelly joins us, it's good to see you, we have been checking in with you periodically since all this began, how are you doing these days? >> you know, we're putting our best foot forward and we're putting on a brave face and we're going to keep moving forward, chris, thanks for having us on. >> that beach is still beautiful, but then we started to hear this morning, that even where it looks like it's pristine, it's actually the sand washing over some of that oil, i know you have been working to try to keep up with it, how do they seem to be doing? do a lot of folks out there seem to be trying to get ahead of this? >> this is an island, it's santa rosa island, it's 52 miles of beaches and it's a lot to clean
3:46 pm
up and pensacolians are steadfast people. >> people who love to go to the fish house and love eating your fish, are you having to go to other sources? i imagine you do now, is there certain stuff you can't get? >> we have a really close relationship with our fishermen, we have been in business for over a decade. so we have great relationships with our suppliers and what we're doing is we're just moving farther down, we're following the fishermen and moving down to south florida and for example our grouper is coming from the caribbean, so we're just following the fishermen and supporting them as long as we can. >> is there anything you can't get, i don't know, rock lobster that you normally would have on your menu that you can't now. >> we can get it, if you want it, you ask for it and we'll get it. >> that's the can do attitude that joe scarborough likes so much. how much is your business down? i know you have a really popular restaurant, so i'm guessing you continue to get a lot of local support and the regulars who do
3:47 pm
return, but are you feeling a little hit? >> well, you know, the great thing about pensacola is that we are in the fish house, we're a locally owned restaurant and our community is so tight knit and we really support each other. so that's what we see. we're definitely having to work harder to get the message out. tourism might be down a little bit. but we're working harder and we're bringing people in and making them happy and that's our focus. >> shelly, it's good to see you again, hang in there, thanks for being was. >> we will, thank you. you may have heard the story about the airline policy that landed a pet turtle in a trash can, don't worry, today that little guy is back with the 10-year-old girl who had to make the tough decision to give up her pet or get off the plane. she was traveling with her two older sisters out of atlanta on an airtran flight. earlier i spoke with the helm family about exactly what happened. >> because it's your turtle, carly, i want to start with you,
3:48 pm
when you got on board, as i understand it, they actually said you could put your turtle under your seat, so did you think everything was okay when you first got on the plane? >> yeah. >> when somebody tells you to put the turtle in the garbage, what are you thinking? >> i was like really sad and just thinking that my dad will be in time to save the turtle. >> but he wasn't, right? so you had to actually leave the turtle? >> yeah. >> mom, when did you find out about what was going on, did they call you before they took off? >> no, i had no idea. i was on my way to the milwaukee airport and i received a phone call from their dad and she explained the whole situation to me, so when they came out to the car from the milwaukee airport, they were so upset in tears and told me the whole entire story. as soon as i got home, i called airtran and they said the garbage had been taken out.
3:49 pm
>> but in fact, it ended up an airtran worker with a soft spot for animals, picked the turtle out of the garbage, and made a special arrangement to fly the turtle to milwaukee. love them or hate them. the vuvuzela, it's been the talk of the world cup. i don't know why i just can't remember how to pronounce it. now some british musicians have created the first song devoted to the blairing horn. ♪ who's that fella with the vuvuzela ♪ ♪ that's one helluva view view vuvuzela ♪
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it is that time. we want to bring you some of the most memorable sounds of the
3:53 pm
week. while general mcchrystal's resignation dominated the news, it wasn't all serious. take a look. >> bp was out of line or grossly incompetent. first they said it was 1,000 barrels. then they said it was 5,000 barrels. now we're up to 100,000 barrels. >> if you thought things couldn't get any worse for bp, check out this disaster. ceo tony hayward yachting off the coast of england just a day after his bos pulled him from the gulf coast crisis. >> he's got his life back, as he would say. >> but in his defense, tony twittered that the oil spill was still his top priority. and i think you know that a guy really cares when he tweets from his yacht. >> while the gulf oil crisis wasn't getting any better, a new crisis suddenly erupted overseas. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan gave an explosive interview to "rolling stone."
3:54 pm
packed with insults about president obama and his top advisers. and before the magazine hit the newsstands, general stanley mcchrystal's job was on the line. >> i would say all options are on the table. >> i think it's clear in the article in which he and his team appeared showed poor judgment. >> general mcchrystal was called off the battlefield and into the oval office for a face-to-face meeting with the president. 20 minutes later it was all over. >> today i accepted general stanley mcchrystal's resignation. >> serious stuff with serious implications. that never stops the late-night comic. >> mcchrystal got the ax after he ripped the administration in "rolling stone" magazine. even saying that president obama was unimpressive and looked intimidated in the presence of military officers. and you don't want to know what he said about joe biden's
3:55 pm
cankles in "people." and brian williams stayed up past his bedtime with a slow jam session with jimmy fal lon. >> clearly the nation needs a new energy direction. >> it's time to grow up and get energy perfection. ♪ >> oh, yeah. >> and that's our show for this friday. i'm chris jansing. "the dylan ratigan show" is up next. >> thank you so much, chris. we have a lot set up for you. obviously the full news on the grand plans announced by our politicians when it comes to politics. we will play the financial feud. and even though we are kidding, we already know the banks always win at that game. but what the banks don't know is that americans always win in the
3:56 pm
game of democracy. they just have to learn about how screwed up it was first. now we know. now we can take care of business. we're also talking about something no one else has been when it come thos the gulf oil disaster. what it means not just to the fishermen and shrimpers but the potential devastation for teachers, cops, firemen, judges and others on land as a result of the tax short fall on that state. senator bill nelson, our special guest from the great state. the sunshine state of florida. but, anything to sell some tires. the outrageous commercial we found while you were working. it is friday. "the dylan ratigan show" is just three minutes away. lost his nums when he forgot to make the morning coffee. so world's best mom was more than happy to make a cup of delicious starbucks via. she got to the office just in time to save best friend forever from the office coffee. best friend forever bravely shared starbucks via with don't talk to me until my second cup before he even had his first. he shared it with i hate mondays
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